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We would love you to feel really welcome and at home when you visit, so here is what you can expect if you do. 


You can expect to meet friendly people of all ages and life stages when you visit Chiltern on a Sunday morning.

The service starts at 10:45 am but most people arrive at 10:30 am for free tea and coffee. 

There is no need to dress up, just come as you are (the pastor usually preaches in jeans). 

Once things start, there will normally be a song lead by a group of volunteers playing different instruments (guitars, pianos, drums etc). 

There will be someone upfront to lead everyone throughout the meeting and they will normally take some moments to explain things and tell everyone about events that are happening in the general life of the church.

After the notices, we tend to have a time of singing, normally about three songs. You don't have to sing, you can hopefully just enjoy the music.  We really value this time as it a time when as a church together, we can sing about what God means to us. It's something we love to do. 

After the singing, the pastor or guest speaker will normally come up to speak. Jason, the pastor, will normally speak for about 35 min which would be followed by a time of prayer for anyone that would like to respond to the message. You can listen to some of the messages here if you would like to get a feel for  what they are like. 


We tend to finish between 12 and 12:15 pm and many people then stay for more free tea, coffee and snacks. 


For those coming with children,there are a range of things on offer for you.

  • There is a fully-equipped creche (ages 0-2) upstairs for parents with young children. There are speakers in the room (with volume controls) so you don't miss out on what's happening in the main hall. There are toys and changing facilities in the creche. 

  • For the children (3-11), there is a kids club run by great volunteers and overseen by a fantastic team of volunteers. We will let you know in the meeting when that starts (normally shortly after the notices) and where to go (the hall adjacent to the main meeting area) 

  • For the youth (12-17) there is a group that runs in the youth lounge upstairs. The youth head up to the lounge during the main talk.


Do I need to pay anything to come?

No, you don't. Many of the people in the church give to the church out of their love for God and desire to partner together in the church's ministry. Anyone is welcome to give in this way, but no one needs to. The tea, coffee and kids services all form part of the church's heart to bless the community, so come along and enjoy what God is doing. 

Can I step out if I need to?

Of course, you are welcome to step out when you need to. There are toilets located in the foyer towards the back of the main hall and disabled toilets off the second hall. It is a family community time, so please feel relaxed if you need to slip away at any time. 

Is it safe for my children?

Absolutely, our children's safety is a high priority for us. As a church we are committed to keeping children and vulnerable adults safe. If you would like to see a copy of our safeguarding policy please contact the church office (on


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