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Parkrun – free running!

There is regular attendance at a parkrun event (timed 5k at your own pace) 9am on Saturday mornings.  Often we can be found at Banstead Woods and always at Roundshaw Downs, normally between 5 and 15 of our runners attend.
For more details of these events click here to visit the parkrun website.  
Each year we run in 5 inter church mob matches at Bushy, Lloyd, Roundshaw and Nonsuch parkrun – not to mention the national churchrunner virtual mob match. Dates on


We train together on an ad hoc basis, sometimes accessing other clubs training events,

e-mail to get details or express an interest - we would love to see you.



As well as parkrun, runners from our present group have been at the Brighton Half, and Brighton Marathon, the Orchid River Run, and the Fowlmead Challenge - other runs this year include the Jubilee 10k, Thames Path Potter, Westminster Mile, and the David Davies Nonsuch relays.


Past highlights include; Athens 10k, Loch Ness 10k, The Great North, SLH Informals,The Tour of Epsom,  London Marathon, 3 Forts Challenge Marathon, The Knacker Cracker, The Midsummer Munro, and The Picnic. 



A running hub for church clubs locally and across the country. Lots of reports, results, photo and video content there.

Promoting Christian sports organisations

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