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We have made a video about how to book for a morning service – you can view it here . Please note, that seasonal services such as Christmas and Easter may have different booking arrangements - please check the information for each event as you book.

Q. Can I attend the service without booking in advance? 

A. For everyone's safety, numbers are limited and if you would like to attend the service, booking in advance is required and the deadline for booking to attend the Sunday service is 9am Thursday prior to the Sunday.  

Q. Do I have to wear a face covering?

A. Current government guidelines state that face coverings need to be worn in places of worship by everyone aged 11 years and over. We would therefore ask you to wear an appropriate face covering when you enter the church. As per government guidelines, you do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. If this is the case, please contact the church office on to book your place. You may wish to download and print the Exemption from face covering badge here

For more information please see the government guidance pages.

Q. How many people does one ticket admit?  

A. We have devised 4 types of seating arrangements, which are referred to as 'tickets': 

1 Seat

2 Seats

3 Seats

4 Seats

Booking a ticket means that you reserve a seating area according to the ticket type you choose.

For example '2 seats' means that you can have a maximum of 2 people on your booking and once you have filled out information on yourself, you should add information about additional people on your booking. When booking your ticket, scroll down to the end of the form to check availability for different ticket types, as it is a live system. If there is more than one person on your booking, please enter their names in the fields provided. A red * denotes a required field which needs to be filled in before you can confirm your booking.  

Q. I would like to bring my children with me to the service, how do I book for them? 

A. Regrettably we are unable to run a separate Children's Ministry Provision for our Morning Services, but are planning to restart after the Easter holidays - we will provide more details closer to the time. Once the Children's Ministry restarts, please refer to our Children’s Ministry Booking Pages - booking in advance is required to secure your place due to maximum number allowed. Please note that generally Children's Ministry is provided on Sunday Mornings, unless otherwise stated.


Q. How do I know if I should be shielding? 

A. Please refer to the current government guidelines 

Q. Can I book for a few Sundays at a time? 

A. We will be aiming to give as much time as possible for you to book in and open up as many services in advance a possible. All services available for booking will be on the booking page on our website. 

Q. There are no tickets left – can I go on a waiting list? 

A. We have reserved a number of tickets for individuals who do not have internet access - if they are not required, they will be released for general internet booking. We suggest you check the event booking page between Thursday 12.15 pm and Friday 9am, just in case additional tickets become available. 

Q. I have completed the booking form, but the Proceed button doesn’t seem to be working. 

A. Please make sure that you have completed all fields with a red * next to them and that you have ticked the box next to our Data Protection Policy. The Proceed button will then turn a darker shade and you will be able to click on it. 

Q. I have completed the booking form on the website, but have not received a confirmation email.

A. Please note that once you have entered your details on the booking form and clicked Proceed, you will then need to read through the next page that comes up to ensure your details are correct and click Confirm. The booking is not complete until that is done. Please check your spam folders for a confirmation email and if you haven't got it, email to check if you have booked successfully.

Q. I can no longer attend the service - do I need to let anyone know?

A. If you are certain you can no longer attend the service you have booked for, we would really appreciate it if you could let us know. If you have booked online, please use the 'cancel' button in your confirmation email. Alternatively, please email or by calling our office on 0208 661 7042. 

Q. I have a question not covered here – who do I contact? 

A. Please email and we will respond to you as soon as we can. 


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