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Arrival times

Morning service - doors open at 10.25am and we ask you to be seated by no later than 10.35am to hear the safety briefing. (this could be different for seasonal services at Christmas and Easter)

Evening service – please arrive by 5.45pm to be seated by 5.50pm in order to hear the safety briefing at 6pm. 


When you arrive

Please follow the signs along the footpath outside the church and take care to observe the recommended distance when waiting to go in (if you are not using the church car park please use the footpath to wait to enter the building to avoid congestion).

If using the car park, please remember that no double parking is allowed to allow plenty of space as people wait to go inside the building and should an emergency vehicle be required at any time during the service.

To ensure everyone's safety, you will be guided to your seat upon arrival and we would ask you to remain seated throughout the duration of the service until you are guided out of the building.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks with you, as we are not able to provide drinks for church service at this time. 

Please note that we are not permitted to offer separate Children's Ministry Provision at this time. If you would like to explore the possibility of bringing them to sit with you during the service and for any other information regarding booking to attend our service, please click here to read our booking guidance pages. 

Face coverings

As from 8 August 2020 the list of places where you will have to wear a face covering has been expanded to include places of worship. We would therefore ask you to wear an appropriate face covering when you enter the church. As per government guidelines, you do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. If this is the case, you may wish to download and print the Exemption from face covering badge. 

Safety information  - please read before you attend the service.

There is a group responsible to evaluate and manage the safety of the ministry of the church over this COVID vulnerable season. They are known as the Chiltern Church Health Team and will work in conjunction with the Leadership Team and Trustees and you are welcome to contact them on if you have any feedback or concerns.  We are regularly reviewing government advice and will make changes as required. We are working hard to make this an enjoyable, meaningful, and safe environment to encounter God and experience genuine community – in a difficult season.

• Please do not enter the church if you or anyone living with you have any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

• People are to enter the building at the front entrance and leave through the back entrance on Sundays. Once Children's Ministry Provision is open again, if you are bringing children for Children's Ministry Provision during our Sunday morning services you must please queue to the side entrance of the church. Parents and care givers are to sit as close to the back hall as possible, as you will be required to collect your children and exit the church first once the service is finished. 

• People are to adhere to social distancing at all times while at the church. 

• Please go straight to your seat; you are unfortunately not permitted to move around the church during the service (unless you need to use the bathroom or come to the front for a ministry purpose). 

• Regular hand washing and hand sanitising must be practised. 

• People are to bring their own beverages (travel mugs, bottled water etc) as no drinks will be served at the church. 

• Antibacterial sprays and roller towels have been supplied in all equipment areas and volunteers must clean down the equipment they have used. 

• Wherever possible, microphones and music stands will not be shared; if this is unavoidable (which will be highly unlikely), microphones will be cleaned between uses. 

• Unfortunately singing is not permitted, but you are encouraged to clap along to the music and raise your hands as you feel comfortable during worship. 

• Windows will be opened when the building is used – please bring a warm top if required. 

• Toilets at the front of the church are to be used one at a time (men and women) so as to avoid crossing in the small lobby outside the men’s and ladies’ toilet. Please use the provided hand sanitizer before and after using the toilet. 

• All doors that can be safely left open will be wedged open while the building is in use.   

• Door handles will be wiped down at the end of each meeting. 

• Those deemed to be at higher risk by the government guidelines to places of worship (see section 5, Protecting the vulnerable & Individuals aged 70 years and over) are: 

(1) encouraged to stay at home as much as possible 

(2) welcome to attending worship services where they feel comfortable that they can do so safely. 

• In line with data protection legislation, we will keep a temporary record of visitors for 21 days to assist contact tracing, if necessary, by the NHS Test and Trace service  


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