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Welcome to Chiltern Church

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Our mission is to be a church energised by the love and power of God, growing as followers of Jesus and sharing His hope with our community, city and world.



held in deep affection;
to be cherished

We believe that we are loved first and are then able to love others. Every person is loved, cherished and valued by God. The more we engage with this reality the more the love of God flows through us with integrity, so that the church and the community can experience the genuine love and affection of God through us. John 3:16, Romans 5:8, John 13:34-35, 1 Tim 2:3-4

Home: Loved
Home: Equipped

We believe that as we enter a relationship with God through Jesus, we become His children and God shares His Kingdom with us. We receive from Him by His word and Spirit all the power, love and grace we need to thrive and live lives that are meaningful. The Christian life is learning to live fully with what we have received, so that we can effectively share with others what we have been given. Matt 10:8, Luke 12:32,
Eph 1:3, Col 1: 9-13


to have all the required
provision for the mission
at hand; to be trained
and empowered


to take part, to be committed,
to be relationally connected
and present

The central message of the Bible is that God has chosen to be involved in our lives; He created us, loves us and desires to connect with us. His involvement in our lives is what motivates our involvement in the lives of others, within the church and beyond it into the community. We take ownership together of what God is doing in and through the church. Gen 2:7, Ps 139:1-5, Josh 1:9, Matt 28:20, Rom 8:38-39

Home: Involved


As a church, there are many things that we are trusting God to do in and through us as a community. Jason (the pastor) and the Leadership Team have taken time to pray together about the future of the church. This is what we are trusting God for in our future together with him. 

What to expect, Mornings, Messy church, Evenings (coming soon!)

Why Jesus, Courses, What we believe, Our Values

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(020) 8661 7042

83 Chiltern Road, 
Sutton, SM2 5QY
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