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Dear church community and local residents

As we mentioned on Sunday, the church will be objecting to the proposed planning application to erect a 15m high cellular mast with accompanying cabinets at the entrance of the church. We believe that this development is not in the best interests of the broader community, and if you agree, you may wish to join us in voicing your concerns.


The closing date for objections to be considered is 11 September, however, the planning committee may begin their discussions this week so it is important that our responses are made urgently.

For the objection to be successful, we need the support of the church community and local residents like you who care about the atmosphere of our community. Your voice matters, and your objection can make a difference.


To make the objection process as straightforward as possible, we have attached a copy of our formal objection to this communication. You are welcome to use our objection as a guide if some of the information within it is helpful for you.


To submit your objection, please follow these steps:


1. Register:

You will need to register on the planning website to object.

You can do so by following this link:

You can then use the Case Ref: DM2023/01319 to load the planning application.


You will then need to scroll to the bottom of the page to register in order to comment. This process only takes 5-10 minutes.


2. Create and Submit Your Objection:

Once registered, log in and you will be able to object. Please note that there is a 30-minute timeout window once you are logged in, so you may find it helpful to compose your objection in a separate document and paste it in when you are ready to submit.

  • It is important that if you are not a local resident, you state that you attend the church (you may wish to state if you are a Trustee, on a leadership or ministry team, a parent of a child in a children's or youth group to provide context).As your objection will be listed with your address it may not get the attention it deserves, if you are not a local resident, unless you introduce why you are concerned.

  • If you are a local resident, that is not necessary as you can comment as a local resident.


We understand that your time is valuable so we thank you for taking the time to read this and consider our request. We greatly appreciate your support, together, we can make a difference.


Should you have any questions or need further assistance with the objection process, please do not hesitate to contact us at




Jason Humphreys


Pastor, Chiltern Church

On behalf of the Chiltern Church Leadership

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