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(Update 23 Dec 2020)

Dear Church Family

In the midst of a difficult time we are looking forward to what we trust will be a blessed and helpful season of Christmas ministry (some of the details for our new programme are below). 

As you will no doubt have seen, London has now been placed under Tier 4 restrictions as infections continue to rise quite significantly in the city. I know that many in the church have been concerned about this development and this is without doubt a strange and troubling time for our nation. 

We want you to know that we have been praying both for all of you and also for wisdom to know how to lead the church community well through this time. 

As part of our risk assessments and planning, we have held meetings with the health team (a selection of trustees and leadership team members) to reassess our plans over the Christmas period in light of changing government regulation and advice. In this season, we're being faced by many tough decisions; we feel a great need to minister Christ's hope, peace and strength to a community that really needs that at this time; but also a desire to safeguard our volunteers and church community. 

We trust that we have God's wisdom for this difficult time and have now made some adjustments that we hope will enable us to connect with and minister to one another in the best and richest way possible for the time we are in.

In light of this, we will be making the following changes to the rest of the Christmas programme and the start of our ministry in the beginning of January 2021. 

In light of the infection trajectory and potential impact of additional household mixing over Christmas, we will not be holding gathered services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There will also be no service on the 27th of Dec at church or online. 

We are, however, really looking forward to still being able to connect over the Christmas period in a digital way and we would love for you to all join us at the following online events. Please click here to access our events page (will include link) for all the links to the events outlined below.

Christmas Eve:  

  • We will stream our Christmas Concert at 4pm on YouTube. We believe this will be a very special way to celebrate together on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Day:  

  • We will stream live to YouTube on Christmas Day with a small team from the church. This will make all we had planned for Christmas Day accessible to anyone that has access to YouTube (service will include worship, kids' talk and a short message from Jason). 


  • We begin the New Year by streaming our services to YouTube (from the 3rd of Jan) with a small team from the church and will continue to review the situation at regular intervals. We will let you know as soon as the health team sees that it's safe and responsible to meet together again in the building 

I know that this is proving to be a difficult month, we have had a number of losses and the restrictions are very hard for some. 

I continue to be overwhelmed with pride and joy at the way the church community is supporting each other, rallying together, and serving one another. I know we will come through this time and we will see the goodness of God over this Christmas period. 

With love and blessings 

Jason and the team  

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