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Arrival information 

Please note that when you arrive to church you must not use the front entrance - your children must be accompanied to the back entrance up the path, observing social distancing with others who may be waiting and only enter the church building when directed to do so. If you have a child under 3, you will have to stay with them in the back hall and can not go into the main hall unless you have been expressly told it is safe to do so. Under no circumstances can your children go into the main hall at this time - this is to adhere to the government guidance. 

If you are arriving with another member of your household who has also been booked to attend the service, that person needs to use the main church entrance. 

Face coverings

As from 8 August the list of places where you will have to wear a face covering has been expanded to include places of worship. We would therefore ask you to wear an appropriate face covering when you enter the church. As per government guidelines, you do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. If this is the case, you may wish to download and print the Exemption from face covering badge. 


Entering the church building

As you enter into the back hall, please use the hand sanitiser mounted on the right hand side as you walk in - this is for everyone's safety and we ask all who enter the church do this as a matter of routine.

Please wait for instructions from the children's ministry volunteers before sitting down or touching any surfaces - you will be directed to your designated seat. Please help us by guiding your child to avoid touching other tables and carefully observe social distancing when you are in the hall. 

If you are not required to stay with your child during the service, the children's ministry volunteers will tell you when it is safe for you to go through into the main hall. Once in the main hall, please find your designated seat and sit down.


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